Thrift Store

The purpose of a thrift shop in MIA’S World is to support all of the activities of MIA’S World such as Addiction Services, Special Needs Services, Anger Management Services, Domestic Violence Services, and Financial Services to the community. We accept all items that are in good condition and will only sell the best items to our community. The Thrift Store will be ran by those who are seeking assistance, those in need of community hours, Board Members, volunteers, and a few paid employees who will operate the day to day activities of MIA’S World.

We were asked, why start a thrift store in MIA’S World? When we think about our daughter, Mia, we think of a person who is so freely giving of all of her love, her hugs, her smiles, her laughter, and all that she has. A thrift store in MIA’S World represents all of what Mia is. MIA’S World thrift store is filled with the love of donations, the generosity of a stranger, the love of God, and the service of angels. Those who donate to Mia’s World should know the smiles and joy and happiness that they will spread to others through clothes, toys, furniture, and other items will spread across the world but those who purchase items will be able to see in our room of donors the smiling faces and the words and letters of inspiration that lead to the donation.